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This is a hobby website, where I share some of my opinions.

As I tend to treat all things as puzzles, my views come across a bit differently to most. I am very interested in feedback from anyone that agrees or disagrees with any of the things I say.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy the reading...

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Are You Logical?

(how I view logic and the human mind)

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Virtual Causality Theory

(theory for existence)

Toggleverse Theory

(my argument for a multi-state universe rather than a quantum multiverse)


(a few noteworthy pictures and info about my past)

Cancer Research Notes

(I did some research on cancer and produced this page in response to people asking me what to do about their cancers.)

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Flat Earth?

(This theory is far more intriguing than intuition suggests, I'd give it a read before putting down Flat Earther's.)

My claim is that I independently arrived at these theories through my own deductions and believe some of them to be vital in helping people to deal with the world around them. Tools for rational thought are used to figure these things out. However, many people will lump rational thought with mainstream opinion, so to them it may seem strange that I spend most of my time as the rebel opposing mainstream opinion, yet simultaneously claim to be a rational critical thinker. Though in many cases rational thinking and mainstream opinion do go hand-in-hand, it is not always the case. Mainstream opinion is heavily biased by corporate interests, by cultural and religious assumptions, by hidden political agendas, and by ordinary human emotions interfering with the various processes by which we gain and apply knowledge. To make matters worse we live under a legal system/process that serves as a 10 lane freeway for the use of railroading tactics.

Figuring it all out for yourself is what's important. If you rely on others to figure it out for you then you'll likely adopt their assumptions without realizing it. Instead, when I research a topic I dig for the clues that others noticed, and I dig for the clues that others did not notice. I always take what others say as a suggestion only, and then build up my own theories from there.

Through this process I have discovered a serious psychological phenomenon that gets in the way. I call it dependent thought validation. Oftentimes people seem unable to accept the possibility that something they think through could be true without first validating it through specific trusted 3rd parties (father, teacher, friend, leader, etc.).

This psychological phenonemon results in a web that effectively blocks ideas that go against the grain, from spreading.

Of the people that come up with new break-through ideas, most do not think through their ideas rationally. They are easily discounted or discredited. Then of the ones that remain, most drop their idea for one reason or another (examples: insufficient time in their schedule, pursuit of the idea may interfere with reputation, pursuit of the idea may require dropping relationships or other things important to them, etc.).

And of those that remain, most were dropped because of dependent thought validation. You get the idea, it fits right in your mind, you talk about it with people, they shoot it down with all sorts of mainstream or cultural generalizations that sound correct, you lose your confidence, seriously reducing the possibility that you pursue the idea further. The point is that you do not know one way or another based on nonsense, even nonsense disguised as common sense. If you really want to find out whether or not you are right, you have to apply deductive reasoning to the clues. Dig and persevere until you get your answer.

It is easy to rationalize that an idea was both thought of and tested already by thousands of other people, when in all likelihood only the former was true. The point is that you can think of something that goes against the grain, and then easily write it off instead of checking it out. And this is often due to dependent thought validation.

You may go through all the rational steps of sorting through the clues and coming up with a conclusion or a sound theory, yet cannot accept it due to this phenomenon. It takes more than just the tools for rational thought to do so. You must gain the psychological quality that I call self-validated thought. It means that once you have rationally proven to yourself that something is true or plausible, that you can then accept it as true or plausible without having to first validate it through someone else.

If you are inexperienced at critical thinking then dependent thought validation makes sense for a while, to test your new found skills against those of others more experienced than yourself. However, if your thinking is solid, then you should let go of dependent thought validation just like you should let go of the training wheels on a bike.

Mainstream will tell you to never let go, under the notion that real knowledge requires a consensus of expert opinion. However, this idea is only good in theory. In practice you have all sorts of issues that get in the way: presentation, time, motivation, subconscious bias, money, hidden agenda, superiors pushing you down a different path, priorities, etc. Consensus can work if setup in such a way as to shed off all those tangents. This is not easy. So don't depend on it.

The manipulators of knowledge are at the very top of the food chain. These are the people we should actually be at war with. Not terrorists. Not other countries. (There are better ways to deal with those issues.) Knowledge manipulators are the ones responsible for most of the problems in this world (by causing them directly, indirectly, and by hiding the solutions).

The thought validation web makes possible their control of more minds automatically.

Self-validated thinking is absolutely necessary to anyone wishing to rise above a world filled with heavily biased knowledge and procedure, cultures and religions that promote irrational thinking, governments and corporations that manufacture false truths to cover hidden agendas, and legal systems that function as tools to manipulate.

Just about every motivation imaginable follows a sort of "current" along the lines of the thought validation web. Go against this current to get all the subtle details of society working against you.

Aliens & UFOs

I will soon start a new hobby website inviting debates on various questions regarding ET aliens. Examples: what is the best evidence and argument that they are here? What is the best evidence and argument that an alien race that visits Earth is peaceful? Violent?

My guess is that most thinking people are open minded about such things, and simply do not have enough time to push their research past all the hoax sightings and nonsense evidence and theories. So, to save your time I have posted just the best-of-the-best right here...


This is an excellent narration of the two videos released by the defense department to the public.

Defense Department Releases UFO Footage.


This pilot explains the incident and why it is credible.


Top Secret Black Money Project Revealed by Pentagon on MSNBC, During Questioning Regarding Pentagon Release of ET UFO Video.


This 2021 news video has government officials stating that a new Pentagon video is in the works, detailing new evidence of unexplainable UFO presences, which they feel compelled to bring to the public's attention.


Before judging the Roswell incident you must watch these declassified testimonies: Gerald Anderson in 1991, Glenn Davis in 1990, and Jed Roberts, Marilyn Strickland, and Alice Knight in 1991. Then watch the full review and debunk by authorities. Some of the materials gathered from this crash and others have recently been brought forward for modern scientific analysis. Here is one video about it: UFO Meta Material. And here is FBI's Famous Roswell Memo.


The movie "Unacknowledged" by Steven Greer is by far the highest quality documentary on extraterrestrials. It is composed primarily of event documentation corraborated by multiple top military officials. If you are short on time and want to only watch the best film on the subject, then this is it. How high quality? I found that there was at least one thing worth watching every other minute throughout the entire film. This is not a slow film, nor does it go on and on with the same point, it keeps moving on to the next point.

This is Steven Greer's Trailer for Unacknowledged

The only way to watch this movie for free is on Netflix. Search: "Unacknowledged".

And here is one of the more significant witness testimony videos taken by Steven Greer. It likely contains the most previously top secret details from the Roswell Incident, and other key incidents, from a person that had direct access to these cases.

And here is Bob Lazar again, this time in a 2hr interview with Joe Rogan. I consider Bob Lazar the most credible hands-on UFO propulsion expert, hired by the US Military to study and experiment with engines from downed alien crafts. This interview is a must-see for every human that wants to know what's really going on.

NOTE: Bob Lazar has a mainstream understanding of physics, which is quite clear at 1:55 into the video as he puts down Tesla's wireless energy concept, which he states would have caused too much interference. The thing we know now is that Tesla's wireless energy was based on longitudinal waves, which produce zero interference, but that is not a concept available in mainstream physics, but rather the Tesla/Heaviside/Steinmetz/Dollard/Wheeler physics model (Tesla visualized it, Heaviside wrote up the math for it, Steinmetz reduced that math, Dollard took their works to the next level, Wheeler has read every physics book in existence and sorted through what adds up and what doesn't and reports on his findings through youtube - these are must-watch videos if you want to know what's wrong with mainstream physics). It may seem odd that a mainstream physicist (Lazar) was reverse engineering alien technology, but I'm sure that the required qualifications were based more on an aptitude to apply the scientific process, than a specific position in physics theory.

A news station commemorates receiving Bob Lazar's anonymous call 30 years ago, and interviews Pentagon intelligence and others corroborating his claims today.

The Defense Minister of Canada makes clear his views on the subject: video

Due to a high volume of both low quality and hoax sightings, to save time it is best to conduct research through organizations that have already painstakingly weeded those out.

Here is one that I found of high quality, plus it provides an anonymous service for those that have had sightings yet do not wish to be identified for fear of hurting their reputation:

A website I have followed for many years was recently removed. A great deal of effort went into seeking out and documenting testimonies from high ranking credible military officials. You could order videos containing hours of witness interviews. This link is broken (last checked): I would love to find out why one of the best resources for information is no longer online. It had many thousands of supporters.

I have a lot of opinions of my own that I will share at my new site, once I have the time to create it.