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To me thinking through an idea is the greatest adventure. And turning an idea into reality, the greatest satisfaction.

If you like my ideas and wish to help me develop more, then please consider sponsoring or donating. Your money will be put to good use as I love to develop my ideas daily. Even small donations of just a few dollars are helpful.

This page summarizes each of my own endeavors, making it easy to pick and choose what type(s) of work you want me to develop.

Unfortunately, I cannot offer any kind of tax incentives for supporting my work. However, I can give you a receipt, and I am happy to offer link trades and other promotional benefits, just ask.

Current Endeavors

These are areas that I have already spent considerable time investigating, and so even the smallest contribution will help push these forward incrementally.

Please click the donate button corresponding your topic of interest.

Proposed Endeavors

These are areas I'd love to get into, and for which I have a number of ideas. However, I currently have little or no experience in any of these areas, so I'll be starting at square one. This is actually a good place to start when you have an open mind, and the right tools.

If you would like to see what happens when I direct my effort to one of these areas, then please consider donating. I will gladly pursue my research to see what there is to be discovered.

NOTE: I am also open to sponsorship arrangements on any of the above research projects. This makes it possible for you to gain from creative promotions. Please contact me so we can discuss the details.

If you have any comments or questions please send them to