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This is a limited opportunity to sponsor Snyder Method 3.
Please read carefully.

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Invitation to Sponsor Snyder Method 3

In exchange for your sponsorship in this project, you will have the exclusive right to use my name and picture to promote your brand for one year (including the right to use me in promoting products, services and websites). And you will have unlimited advertising during that year through all my cube related materials (see below).

What I Will Do During The Sponsored Year

  1. I will start by developing unique software capable of modeling specific aspects of cube solving. This software will be highly flexible, allowing me to change my mind on various details at will, while it recomputes everything to reflect the new decisions. It will also be unique. Existing software does not address the correct objectives. Snyder Method 3 is a novel approach to algorithm modeling that you will not find elsewhere.
  2. I will then use this software to upgrade, publish and promote Snyder Methods 1 & 2.
  3. Then I will perform months of tests using the above software, to establish the deductions necessary in filling out all the details for Snyder Method 3.
  4. And finally, I will publish and promote Snyder Method 3 from the results to these tests.

And for Your One-Year Promotional Return...

  1. I will work with you in promoting products with your brand name and pictures of me solving the cube.
  2. I will make youtube videos and put your ads on them.
  3. I will put your ads on my cube related web pages.
  4. I will attend at least one televised event, and wear the clothing, and other products that help to promote your brand name.
  5. I will publish all three books on my cube solving techniques, and include your ads in those books.
  6. I will work with you in filming a limited number of special video ads specifically to promote your brand.
  7. I will provide a limited number of numbered autographed copies of each book. Some of these can be used as prizes in your promotions.
  8. I will produce youtube videos of me using my new technique to solve the cube in about 10 seconds, near or at the end of the sponsored year. (Keep in mind I have slow fingers.)
There will be a considerable number of hours devoted to programming and testing to complete Snyder Method 3. Plus I will be busy with the new books, events, and making things to help with your marketing. It is a full time job to do this right. Which is why I need your help.

The project is sure to get media attention and many hits on the Internet, not to mention stir up more interest with your brand name and website.

I am looking for a project sponsor to cover a modest salary for one year, plus negotiated expenses that we define in advance. In return I offer the above promises. I will retain all rights to the software that I create. You will retain all rights to the promotional materials produced.

In this video, with my bad fingers I barely manage to stumble through a 14 second solve using Snyder Method 2. After I use software to refine the algorithms, it is clear that more turns and seconds will be shaved. And then Snyder Method 3 will reduce both turns and seconds by yet another 20-30%. At that point, if you train someone with good fingers and good algorithm retention to use Snyder Method 3, you'll see sub 5 second times. And the only way for anyone to compete from that point forward, will be for them to use Snyder Method 3. Thus cube solving will be forever changed by this project.
If you are interested in becoming my sponsor, then please contact me at tony@snydermind.com.
Note: I also have an idea for a patent, that will forever change cube solving contests. Once this patent is attained, a device and software may be developed that is used both in contests, and in training cube professionals. If you wish to sponsor me then we could also talk about a joint effort in covering patent costs and device manufacturing costs, to help produce this product, which could also help to promote your brand.
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