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Hello, my name is Tony Snyder, and at this web page I will give a bit of an overview for what will soon be the most advanced cube solving methods in the world. With 30 years of thought into theoretical techniques for solving the cube, I am convinced that the ideas I have for Snyder Method 3 will result in a method that far surpasses all other methods in Speed Solving (SS). This same method will also produce the very best Composite Challenge (CC) scores. And a variation on this method will produce the very best Fewest Moves Challenge (FMC) scores.

Speed Solve Predictions

  1. average somewhere between 27 and 32 turns
  2. theoretical fastest single solve of about 3 seconds
  3. theoretical fastest average solve of about 4.5 seconds

Additionally, Snyder Method 3 will likely be the only alternative to the Fridrich method at achieving sub 10 second averages. And it will make such sub 10 second averages possible to people like myself who have relatively slow finger speeds (by producing speed-solves using fewer turns).

I am quite serious about these claims. If you are interested in helping me prove my theories, then please consider sponsoring the effort. If you sponsor me then I'll be on this full time for one year, otherwise it will only be a part time endeavor that takes much longer.

I am interested in three types of sponsorship. Please click a link below for details.

  1. Sponsor the project and get several promotional boosts to your brand name and website, plus unlimited advertising for one year.
  2. Help sponsor the book only. Place an ad in the book that changes cube solving forever.
  3. Buy Book Points now, redeemable towards any of my books once they become available. Book Points automatically qualify you for a 15% discount, plus I will autograph these, as my thanks to you for helping to sponsor the modernization phase of my cube solving methods.

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Your donation is put to good use as it allows me to put more hours into exciting projects. By donating on this page you are contributing to the research and development effort behind my cube solving methods. If you wish to donate towards my other research ideas then please donate on the relevant page(s). Click here to see a list. No amount is too small nor too big, as I am able to scale my expenses and strategic expenditures accordingly.

Questions? Send me an e-mail: tony@snydermind.com