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I've decided to close the offer for book points (BP). No one seems interested in these, and so I've taken those out of the shop.

Advertising is still available.

I cannot guarantee a delivery date on specific books, only my best efforts. My life tends to get complicated as I always lean towards outside-the-box ideas that take longer to complete than expected and have a rough time getting along with others. However, cube solving is my #1 hobby and as such it is always on my mind to get back to this as soon as my schedule permits.

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One Line b&w Ad - $100
1/16 Page b&w Ad - $200
1/8 Page b&w Ad - $500
1/4 Page b&w Ad - $900
1/2 Page b&w Ad - $1600
Full Page b&w Ad - $2900
Inside Front Cover b&w Ad - $4900
Inside Back Cover b&w Ad - $4900
Back Cover b&w Ad - $5900

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Your donation is put to good use as it allows me to put more hours into exciting projects. By donating on this page you are contributing to the research and development effort behind my cube solving methods. If you wish to donate towards my other research ideas then please donate on the relevant page(s). Click here to see a list. No amount is too small nor too big, as I am able to scale my expenses and strategic expenditures accordingly.


Questions? Send me an e-mail: tony@snydermind.com