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Snyder Cube Challenge

The cube challenge that's meant to be fun!
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Future Events

Stay tuned for Snyder Challenge Events starting up again in 2014.

Past Events

On September 8th, 2013, I demonstrated at the Sacramento Vintage Toy Show. I was there 9am through 4pm in Freedom Hall showing off what I could do. I opened the day with a nice 12.43 second solve on the Stackmat Timer, however, most of my times were around the 16 second mark. Also at the event: Srg. Slaughter and other 80's celebrities, the Kit car, GI Joe in costume, Ghost Busters, etc. It was loads of fun. Location: Scottish Rite Center, 6151 H Street, Sacramento, California.

Snyder Method 2 Demonstrations speed-solves and composite solves

Snyder Cube Challenge - Speed Event #1 Winner: Lindsay R. from Sacramento California

More Snyder Cube Challenges may be expected soon - keep checking back.


Snyder Cube Challenge rules differ in many ways from the WCA regulations. They are meant to be more fun, more flexible, simpler, and yet fair to all contestants. The Priority Number system allows contestants to come and go at any time during the contest event and still compete approximately the same number of times. This makes it more suitable to the venue... various vintage toy and comic shows, fairs and conventions.


Anyone that can solve a cube within 5 minutes may compete. You may be human, alien, cyborg, avatar, animal, hybrid, ghost, ghost buster or robot. However, you must be capable of holding the cube in your hands (or similar apparatus that you control), and utilizing the Stackmat Timer to time your solves.

You should show up no later than 1 hour prior to the end of the competition and immediately contact the contest coordinator or assistant, telling him/her that you'd like to compete.


It is completely free! We may change this point in future contests, but for now the contest is free.


Your Priority Number determines your place in line at the contest.

Each new contestant begins at Priority One (the highest Priority), then each of their solve attempts drops their Priority by one point.

Each contestant may re-enter the contest as many times that they wish so long as they allow in front of them any contestant with a higher Priority.

Contestants organize themselves into a line with highest priority in front, to lowest priority in back.

This continual reorganization of the line allows all contestants approximately the same number of solve attempts despite the unpredictable times that they may show up.

In this way contestants may skip portions of the competition and still compete approximately the same number of times.


The contest coordinator or assistant will keep a log of each contestant's name, and the results to their solve attempts. Each priority is assigned one column, where the results to that solve attempt are placed.


Each contestant should bring their own cube. Spare cubes may or may not be available. Various modifications are okay so long as there is one solid color to each side, and the general mechanical capabilities remain the same as that of a genuine Rubik's Cube puzzle. Stickerless is okay.


The contest coordinator or assistant will mix each cube at least 30 turns. These turns will be random to the best of their abilities. And though the mix will differ from solve to solve and from contestant to contestant, each partipant may compete as many times as they wish (restricted only by their Priority and the Contest End Time).


The Stackmat Timer is used to time the solves.


A partial pop that goes right back in does not disqualify the solve.

A full pop (where a piece comes clear out and separates from the cube) or the cube is dropped (touching anything other than the contestant), disqualifies the solve. Each full pop is recorded in the log book under the column representing their current Priority, then they may re-enter the contest at the next lower priority.

A center pop does not disqualify the solve. The contestant may continue solving the cube with or without replacing the center.


1st Place... WC + toy collectible prize + $40 cash prize
2nd Place... WC + toy collectible prize + $10 cash prize
3rd Place... WC + toy collectible prize
4th Place... WC
5th Place... WC

WC = Winner Certificate showing final place, hand autographed by Tony Snyder

Questions? Send me an e-mail: tony@snydermind.com