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Snyder Cube Challenge

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Snyder Cube Challenge
Speed-Solve Event: #1
September 23, 2012
Time: 10am through 4pm
Location: Scottish Rite Masonic Center, 6151 H Street, Sacramento CA

The convention was packed with vintage toy enthusiasts... I saw batman, the robocop car was parked outside, the entire GI Joe set was walking around (real people in costume), and some other themes I forgot about decades ago. At one point a ghostbuster had his noisy particle generator blaring.

Amidst the chaos quite a few people singled out our booth to see all the cubes, we had an 8x8, 6x6, 5x5, and two 3x3's. We were all set, with rules to the cube challenge in three places, stackmats, timer display, etc., yet hour after hour each would-be challenger slinked off. What were they afraid of?

Then it dawned on me that the whole thing had the appearance of me against them. I'll definitely have to fix that the next time around. I do not compete in my own contests.

Anyway, one (yes one) very confident female contender took the challenge. She stepped right up and won first place. Then beat her own time twice.

Congratulations to Lindsay R. with a time of 1 minute 5.49 seconds!

And special mention goes to her 9 year old sister for executing several perfect creative direct solves on cubes mixed with 5 turns each.

Lindsay R. from Sacramento, California Takes 1st Place in the Snyder Cube Challenge - Speed Event #1

Here's the news clip from Good Day Sacramento...

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